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Pallet wrapper machine FP10 

The FP10 Ultra Pallet Wrapper can wrap 30 to 35 pallets per hour consistently, this means it will use the same amount of pallet wrap on each cycle resulting in material and time savings when matched up against manually wrapping pallets by hand. It is fully programmable you set the machine up once, press save and it will remember your commands you can also save numerous profiles to the machine to cope against the different shapes of the boxes stacked onto the pallet.

This will help you to save time and money as some items need more wrapping then others. With a maximum load of 2,000 KG the FP10 is one of the most durable and hard working machines in the market. It also features a soft start inverter control, this is a smart protection & safety feature. For more information please contact us. We have brochures, technical drawings, manuals and online video catalogues that show the FP10 Ultra pallet wrapper in action. Get in touch today!

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